Litecoin has all the hallmarks of money, and today’s price “digital silver” it does not reflect its real value. This is stated in a recent study, the social investment platform eToro dedicated the seventh to the capitalization of bitcoin.

In the published paper also States that the Litecoin network “is, without a doubt one of the most Mature” in the cryptocurrency industry. She cryptocurrency it can be considered money, as it is widely used as preserve the values and means of payment, what are the main features of a traditional Fiat currency.

According to the researchers, at the moment, LTC is trading at a significant discount from its intrinsic value and as bitcoin can be classified as a deflationary asset.

EToro analysts also draw attention to the ongoing development of the network, and again drawing Parallels with bitcoin, note that Litecoin compared to the first cryptocurrency to be “more scalable”.

Moreover, the authors note that the most important development in Cryptoprotected was before everyone implemented in this network. For example, Litecoin was first tested Protocol microtransactions Lightning Network, which is also used in the bitcoin network as a second layer. Also Litecoin was the first cryptocurrency, which is activated providing a higher scaling Protocol Segregated Witness (SegWit).

Thanks to rapid integration of new technologies, LTC payments are becoming increasingly popular among companies and retailers. So, the report refers to working in the field of e-commerce Czech company and UK provider of cryptocurrency debit cards Wirex. The LTC also supports the booking of tickets and hotels CheapAir.

Among the recent significant events, we can highlight the deal between Litecoin Foundation and the company TokenPay in terms of which the first has acquired almost 10% of the shares of the German Bank WEG Bank AG.

We will add that on September 14-15 in San Francisco will host the first Summit Litecoin.