Service Ethereum Name Service (ENS) that allows users to replace long URLs on a CNC attached to the domain .eth, entered into an agreement with the owner and operator of top-level domains, Minds + Machines Group (MMX).

This means that in the near future, Ethereum users will be able to bind its addresses to a domain name top-level, which greatly simplifies the process of memorizing the identifiers associated with wallets and third-party services.

MMX will soon launch and will provide the users of Ethereum domain .luxe (lets u xchange easily), allows you to make access to the blockchain-assets, decentralized applications and smart contracts more friendly to users. Thanks to the new project, Ethereum users will be able to engage in “traditional activities” using the same address, which is used for their Ethereum assets.

Toby Hall (Toby Hall), CEO of MMX:

“Testing in the zone .eth showed that there is a real confirmed demand for alphabetic identifiers, suitable for use in blockchain services”.

It is assumed that public registration of domains .luxe, preceded by a period of limited registration starts October 30, 2018.

We will remind, before October 30, you also have to activate Constantinople – the second stage hard forks Metropolis, to the testing which the developers of Ethereum began on July 31.

The upgrade includes several improvements designed to make the Ethereum platform more efficient and less costly from the point of view of the commissions. Four EIP are already under implementation.