The auditing company Ernst & Young identified the six addresses cold wallets used by canadian crypto currency exchange QuadrigaCX, but they were all empty. This is stated in the new, third edition of the auditor’s report.

After the sudden death of the founder of QuadrigaCX , Jerry Cotten (Gerry Cotten) at the beginning of December the administration of the exchange, said the loss of access to digital assets in the amount of $145 million, it was Noted that these funds are stored in offline vault, but the keys to access it are lost forever.

Ernst & Young was able to address six cold wallets, QuadrigaCX previously used to store bitcoins. Five of them were empty from April 2018, and the sixth “was used to receive bitcoins from your account to another cryptocurrency exchange and subsequent conversion to a hot wallet Quadriga on 3 December”. Since there was only one transaction related to the erroneous transfer of bitcoins on the sixth wallet in the last month.

Pre-transaction analysis for all six purses showed that for the period from April 2014 to April 2018 the total number of bitcoins remaining in the accounts at the end of the month ranged from zero to 2776 BTC. The average balance at the end of the month for all four years was about 124 BTC. Part of the bitcoins that were stored in these wallets have been translated into other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Experts Ernst & Young established addresses three cold wallets, which could be used Quadriga and conducted a similar analysis, but they all were empty.

In addition, was discovered 14 user accounts that were used for trading. The auditor sent requests to all 14 exchanges, but so far had received responses from four. The names of the sites were not disclosed.

Quadriga data stored in the cloud on Amazon Web Services. The widow of Kottler Jennifer Robertson (Jennifer Robertson) requested access to him, but was refused because the account was registered in the name of her husband, and not of the company. Ernst & Young has sent a request to the court to obtain such access.

We will remind, earlier research Zerononcense showed that QuadrigaCX never had scriptaction $145 million.