Ahead of a planned June 2 launch of the core network EOS developers of a startup Block.one has announced the creation of a venture Fund with assets of $1 billion reported The Daily Hodl.

The EOS VC Fund will distribute money among the leading venture capital firms. Those, in turn, will Fund developers building platform on the blockchain EOS.

“We’ll take $1 billion and distribute it among venture capital funds worldwide. These funds will accelerate the development of innovations, financial support for developers who build applications on the blockchain EOS”, — explained the CEO Block.one is Brendan Blumer.

A little earlier Block.one announced a partnership with Virginia Tech, in which a startup will allocate $3 million for educational programs designed to help the students of the Polytechnic University of Virginia to develop blockchain technology.

“The blockchain can have a huge impact on humanity, — said the Dean of students Julia M. Ross. — We will work closely with the company to provide the best education and research opportunities”

Recall that in early may, the developers have introduced software EOSIO Dawn 4.0.