Centre for the development of information technology industry of China (CCID) has published the third ranking of cryptocurrencies. Like a month ago, the first place in it assigned EOS, while bitcoin was only 16-th row.

Second place in the ranking still holds Ethereum, but in third place this time rose Nebulas. Completing the top five GXChain and NEO.

Bitcoin, which last month received 17th place ranking, this time moved up one line.

Previously, researchers CCID said that the objective is “to assess the technological capabilities, the usefulness of the applications and the level of innovative development of blockchain projects.” However, the methodology of rating is still covered with uncertainty.

At the same time, it is possible to note that the drafters of the rating, apparently, prefer the block chain algorithm Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS), which, perhaps, offers a more quick and cheap transactions, but is often criticized for its high centralization.

If you go back to the leader of the rating EOS, nowadays, the cryptocurrency is the fifth largest by market capitalization in the list of digital assets CoinMarketCap.

Earlier today it was announced the release of a new software Protocol EOSIO V1.1.0 in order to lay the Foundation for future scale development of the infrastructure of the blockchain platform.