According to the analytical resource Coinmetrics, cryptocurrency EOS became the absolute leader on volume of transactions.

The Top 5 Coins by Onchain Transaction Count (1/14):
1. EOS
2. TRX
3. ETH
4. XRP
5. BTC

Note: Smart contract platforms emphasize more transactions while store of value cryptocurrencies deemphasize.

— @coindesk research

Source: @coinmetrics

— Peter Ryan (@_PeterRyan) January 14, 2019

Approximately twice lower than EOS the level of activity in the blockchain Tron. The volume of transactions Ethereum less than the EOS about 11 times. Also note that XRP for this option is slightly superior to bitcoin.

CoinDesk analyst Peter Ryan emphasizes that transactional activity from platforms, smart contracts, typically much higher than that of cryptocurrencies, mainly performing the function of a store of value.

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