French energy company Engie and Maltem consulting group have formed a joint venture Blockchain Studio for the democratization of the new technology and ensure access to an increasing number of people and companies. According to a press release, a startup initially provided with seed funding of €1.9 million ($2.3 million).

“The blockchain is a disruptive technology impacting all industries from energy to banking sector, of agricultural products or the trade. However, the majority of the blockchain projects are stagnating at the stage of “proof of concept”, and the technology remains the area of experts and specialists”, — the document says.

Blockchain Studio has already published a software package which is designed to accelerate and industrialize the implementation of blockchain projects. The first tool developed by Engie in 2017, facilitates the development of smart contracts, making it accessible to users without technical knowledge. The second handles the creation of a blockchain infrastructure available in the cloud or directly on the company server.

The company expects that the new tools are Blockchain Studio will be able to successfully enter the rapidly growing market blockchain solutions. As noted in the press release, according to a survey conducted by the auditing firm Deloitte 1053 among leaders of companies with annual sales of more than $500 million, 41% from them expects the blockchain app on their premises will be implemented in the next 12 months.

Blockchain Studio now has 10 employees. Expected by the end of 2019 the number will increase to 25. Early next year the company plans to enter the Asian market with the opening of an office in Singapore. In the second half of 2019 Blockchain Studio intends to begin operations in southern Europe.

“To spread such a radical innovation of the blockchain technology, needs the power of large groups, combined with the flexibility of start-UPS. It is the goal of the Blockchain Studio — a joint venture between Engie and our Agency is focused on innovation,” said partners and co-founders Maltem Jean-Luc Klamen (Jean-Luc Clamen) and Pascal Mennesson (Pascal Mennesson).

Recall that, according to the International Data Corporation, global expenditure on blockchain solutions to 2022 to reach $11.7 billion