The employees of well-known research firm Satis Group cherish the extreme optimism of bitcoin. The latest release of the firm provides important predictions about the digital currency. In particular, experts believe that by 2028 the price of bitcoin will reach $144 000.

Since the beginning of this year, digital currencies are experiencing a bear market. However, there are companies remaining bulls in the question of the future of bitcoin. Satis used a different valuation methodology of the asset. The authors of the forecast – shervin Dowlath and Michael Hodapp. They used a combination of peer-to-peer metrics, the theory of the quality of economic forecast and many other systems for pricing of the cryptocurrency.

Now the market continues to dominate bitcoin price. According to the document, by 2023 the price closer to around $96 000. Until the end of the next decade bitcoin can reach $144 000.

Not the first time that the company or the market leader with optimism expressed about digital currencies. For example, John McAfee predicted that in the coming years, bitcoin will reach a price of $1 million.

Other cryptocurrency, which was analysed by experts of the Satis Group, became Monero (XMR). Experts believe that in five years it will cost $18 000. However, in 2028 Monero can cost $39 000.

Growth in the near future will overcome the zcash for (ZEC) and Dash. Zcash for will cost $4 400 in 2023, and $9000 in the next few years.

Dash will cost $1,900 in 2023 and reach $3,000 in ten years.

Litecoin (LTC) will not achieve large growth. More than that, he will never reach past the historical high. Through the years, the price of the currency will be only $225.

Second in importance cryptocurrency, Ethereum, can reach the level of $880, but in the future the price will drop to $100.

XRP and Stellar (XLM) will be traded at the same price as last year. For example, XRP ten years is estimated at $0,004. Stellar price will fluctuate between $0.01 and $0,02. EOS, which is now trading at $5, will cost $0,05.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) followed the negative trend of other cryptocurrencies. He will never return to historic highs, and in the coming years will cost about $180.