People would pay for digital stickers to the photos, if it was easy enough. A controversial statement, but it became the basis of one of the largest ICO last year ($98 million), which sold tokens Kin (then on the Ethereum), created specifically for the application Kik messenger.

On Tuesday, July 10, the company announced that it will allocate up to $3 million in Fiat and cryptocurrency developers, which should create up to 25 marketplaces, using only Kin (token capitalization today is $100 million). This writes Coindesk. Shopping sites can offer anything from access to video chat with celebrities to rare stickerbomb.

Since the app Kik is a logical place to host such sites, the projects do not necessarily have to be created separately (according to the recently released Kin terms Developer Program). Ted Livingston in a published press release said:

The initiative provides financial incentives for developers to create native applications Kin that will bring us closer to the goal of becoming the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

Developers can earn up to $115 000 with the condition that they will participate in three key stages of your application by April 2019. Until October 2, they need to develop the application; to Jan is to scale it up to 10,000 monthly active wallets, and by April up to 50,000. At each stage you will be rewarded, while the full amount is awarded to projects that have passed all three stages.

According to the nonprofit organization Kin Ecosystem Foundation, which oversees the development of Kin, the deadline for submission of applications for participation in the competition — August 10 (organization undertook to notify applicants of its decision until August 15).

During the April conference on the token, Livingstone described the vision of the ecosystem of cryptocurrency market as pure digital goods, where ordinary people could earn and spend Kin, not even thinking about how to convert tokens into Fiat. Then he said that he believes bitcoin is the only promising method of growth of their company (like Facebook and Google use apps market on the basis of advertising).

Recall that in June, the EIC has launched testing of its cryptocurrency Kin, in which a limited number of users (1000 beta testers) can earn Kin in beta Kin Marketplace by participating in surveys and working on training materials. The token Kin in the prospect of migrating to a private blockchain.