From November last until the beginning of February this year, the ICO project has sold about 736 thousand coins Ethereum (ETH), reports Trustnodes.

Only at the turn of November-December was sold 400 thousand ETH. So 39 000 ETH was sold on 11 December and 14 December, the market had sold 45 000 ETH. A few days later, on 17 December, the ICO projects have got rid of 33 thousand coins Ethereum.

Stocks among ETH ICO-startups and Ethereum Foundation

Analysts say that in the spring of 2018 stored ICO-projects reserves of air significantly reduced. Even in the summer the total amount in the accounts of the Ethereum project is approximately 3.3 million coins. Currently in storage ICO-startups about 2.7 million ETH, which roughly corresponds to the total volume of coins sold during the past year.

Recently, however, sales volumes declined mainly ICO projects sell for 500-800 coins ETH a day. According to analysts, the sums over 1000 ETH in recent times are rare. This may indicate that many ICO start-UPS expect a certain recovery rates of the ether. The latter, indeed, in the last days increased slightly as the overall market:

Data: CoinMarketCap

Earlier, analysts Diar reported a significant decline ICO industry in the second half of 2018.