Since the 15th century, people have been taking part in lotteries to earn some extra money. According to an article on Medium, the online lottery industry is presently worth USD 50 Billion and is expected to reach USD 59 Billion by the year 2020. With popularity, there has been a significant evolution in the lotteries conducted worldwide, however, setbacks such as high commission charges, slow processing, low credibility, etc. make common masses uncertain about its effectiveness.

Providing An Effective Solution

In order to bring authenticity to this precarious domain, DONOCLE is a unique system built on the blockchain technology that enables individuals to participate in various raffle activities and earn reliable profits out of the same.

Why Choose DONOCLE?

DONOCLE is a decentralized, blockchain-based project that is revolutionizing the traditional lottery system. This global project basically provides a unified platform for individuals to take part in lottery activities in a secure manner. It has integrated within an Open Data Flow (ODF) system that monitors and verifies the flow of money to ensure trust and transparency in the process.

The DONOCLE network is used to serve the purpose of STO (Security Token Offerings). STO is a synonym for ICO. Under this, funds are being raised to launch a new cryptocurrency. The word STO provides more clarity to regulators rather than the ICO, according to the SEC investigation.

An Efficient Raffling System

The straightforward and interactive interface enables users to seamlessly participate in the activities of the network. The process is initiated with users acquiring lottery tickets by using any of the 50 types of token provided on the zone. Post that, users are provided with a six-digit number from BTC nonce, which is denoted as a raffle number. The total coins paid out to the lottery winner is distributed on the basis of the winning ratios.

Allocation of Money in DONOCLE Network

Once the users have purchased lottery tickets, 70% is distributed amongst the winners depending on the composition share. The winners can either retain the cryptocurrencies they receive as prize money or convert them into cash in the market as per their preference. 3% is used for POS (proof-of-stake) system and rest of the share is contributed towards operational purposes.

Avail Stable Returns Via Airdrop Donocle

Donocle Airdrop is a feature that aims to render stable profits to the users of the platform. When users deposit their tokens in the Donocle Proof-of-Stake system, they get regular profits merely by retaining their funds. Airdrop funds are accumulated from the coins and tokens invested by the users, in order to purchase lottery tickets on the platform. By the end of each session, the platform accumulates the funds in the form of crypto coins/tokens, MIB, coins, and tokens Donocle. 10% of the overall amount is allocated to Airdrop, which is distributed amongst the users based on the proportion of POS.

Play and Win with DONOCLE Lottery Games

DONOCLE has leveraged blockchain technology to design lottery games for its users to play and earn returns. Following are the games that users can opt for on the platform:-

  • 496 Games

It is a simple and fun game where users have to match numbers from 1 to 49. The raffle ticket is announced at 00.00 UTC every Sunday, and the block nonce value of BTC is used as a raffle number. To determine the winner, the blocks are generated in the BTC blockchain for the six canceled blocks. If there is no winner to claim the prize money, it is transmitted to the next raffle session until there is a winner.

  • Mini Lotto

In Mini Lotto, the value of nonce of a single block determines the winner of the first prize. The network updates the winning number daily at 00.00 UTC. Additionally, this game also allows overlapping number and users don’t have to match the 5 numbers. The prize money, similar to 496 games, is transferred to the next session until there is a winner.

A Unified Global Platform for Lottery Activities

DONOCLE is a blockchain based platform that works toward eliminating setbacks of the conventional lottery system. It has brought the common masses together on a single extensive platform to take part in various lottery activities and earn a credible and stable profits in return.

The ICO period for Donocole Network starts from October 8th ~ October 31st.

The PreSale event includes the following benefits :

08 Oct – 31 Oct | Bonus = 100%

1 Nov – 14 Nov | Bonus = 50%

15 Nov – 28 Nov | Bonus = 20%

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