The new week began for the virtual currency Dogecoin by lowering the cost after spurt committed last Friday. Recall that in the course of trading on 31 August rate of Dogecoin jumped more than 25 percent to $0,003. The market capitalization of a digital asset has grown to $429,9 million

On Saturday, the positive trend continued but in the night of Monday, September 3, the situation has changed not in a good way for cryptocurrency, which for a day has fallen by more than 30%. At the time of publication of this post the price of Dogecoin is at $0,005, it follows from CoinMarketCap.

According to experts, last week, Dogecoin grew on the background of positive expectations of traders caused by the upcoming launch of the digital project Dogethereum. Partners team Dogecoin it was made by the creators of Ethereum. As a result, within a week a course coins have soared more than 180%. But on Monday, aggressive traders was replaced by a wait-and-see tactic, which had a negative impact on the dynamics of the market and the demand for Dogecoin, reports BitcoinNews.

Some analysts predict that it is unlikely the rest of the week cryptocurrency will enter a phase of long-term rally, but a small jump is still possible.