Blockchain-platform Telegram Open Network (TON) must be started not later than 31 October 2019. Otherwise, all agreements for the purchase of tokens Gram with investors of the project will be cancelled. This is evidenced by a document drawn up on behalf of the Telegram founder Pavel Durov, however, not signed by him.

It details the legal technicalities of the purchase token Gram, as well as the legal nuances of the distribution of tokens in certain jurisdictions.

According to the document, the token Gram will be issued and distributed immediately after the launch
blockchain platform TON. If the release of the core network will not take place until October 31, 2019, the contract will be void.

Let’s add that the document indicate the legal address of the company Harneys in the British virgin Islands where he was and Telegram.

As previously reported ForkLog, a blockchain platform TON 90% complete, run the test network was scheduled for the end of March 2019.

Development network THANK the organizers of the ICO Telegram raised $1.7 billion from a limited group of investors.