Cryptocurrency exchange WEX moved to a new domain ( on which in the near future plans to restore normal operation. ForkLog about this informed the head of the trading platform Dmitry Vasilyev, commenting on published in news.

“Launching a new WEX should work well. Soon connect robots and open auction”, — he stressed.

However, Vasilyev did not answer the question about the fate of the old domain and user of funds.

It is noteworthy that in August the domain WEX.ACE, who was posing as the new official website of the exchange, but it proved to be a fake. Then users are asked not to send funds to such resources.

Fake mirror again: Don’t transfer funds to fake sites.

— WEX Official (@WEXnz) 23 Aug 2018

Add that to the official social networks of the project has not yet announced the move. ForkLog in contact with Vasiliev via Facebook, but absolute certainty that he said it, the editors have not.

Earlier, Vasilyev gave an interview about the situation with WEX, the founder of the Ukrainian bitcoin exchange Kuna Mikhail Chobanyan.