June 28, ended in a triumph for Aldona Selfkey (KEY): as at capitalization on 232 th place in the ranking of CoinMarketCap, he was able to show the best in the group growth in the last 24 hours — plus 63,65%. KEY well-represented on the trading floors (Okeh, Kucoin and several others). And on 27 June his salistra the crypto currency exchange Binance, resulting in a turnover Aldona mostly “moved” to this site.

On Binance now is 96% of the total volume of transactions with Selfkey. 27 Jun KEY began his rise with the level of 0,6668 cent, and in the afternoon of June 28 came for the local maximum in 1,5673 cent more expensive in 2.35 times. However, the day he completed at the level of 1,271 cents. The current price is still 70,97% less than the historical high of 4,379 cent, which was observed on January 26 of this year. Aldona capitalization of $25.63 million for 62,58% less than the maximum value of all tokens that has been fixed at level in $of 68.49 million January 28.

Obviously, the listing on Binance gave short-term effect, pushed in the positive plane when Aldon were in positive territory for the week, and month period. However, Selfkey was unable to return to its historical maximum. In addition, there is an anomalous movement of the greater part of the trade alithina one crypto currency exchange Binance, and despite the fact that Binance on average daily trading volume of the cryptocurrency this week, inferior to the first place OKEx.

The project Selfkey on the market in 2013, its technology platform is a decentralized system of identification, which is convenient for users in obtaining access to services or purchase goods. Using a single system of identification Selfkey, it is now possible to access products and services more than 300 companies, platform which is integrated with Selfkey.

But did the key command to increase prices of its althena? The token KEY, which operates based on a network of Ethereum, users need network Selfkey to pay for the order confirmation on the identity of the client, as well as various other services that are associated with the verification of the profiles. This means that the demand for tokens will be a organic way to increase along with increase in the number of various service providers and vendors of goods, which will need verification of customers and partners. The market is a niche but promising, but the explosive growth rates Aldona in such circumstances should not be expected — especially since your “flight” KEY already made, appearing on Binance. This, apparently, aware of the developers network Selfkey.

Ahead of schedule on June 27 occurred the launch of the beta version of crypto Wallet Beta SelfKey Identity, and on 28 June there was a version for desktop computers. It is curious that fighting for the “right” verification of users, SelfKey however released a wallet that is not tied to SelfKey ID and allows you to make anonymous transactions c KEY, ether and all other tokens ERC20. If Aldon out on the field, where there are already Lisk, Monero, Dash and other anonymous kryptonite, he will face stiff competition and are unlikely to find the key to continuous growth.

Vladislav Ginko, economist, expert at the Russian public service Academy at the President of the Russian Federation, especially for Coinspot