Over half of the emissions of the bitcoin cryptocurrency is controlled by “whales”, and 42% do not panic and continue to hold their assets.

This is evidenced by a new study of the company Diar, which claims that less than 1% of all available addresses contains about $100 billion in bitcoins.

However, more than half of all bitcoins are in addresses whose balance exceeds 200 BTC ($1.25 million).

Upon closer inspection, it turns out that 87% of the bitcoins are stored in wallets with a balance above 10 BTC ($60 000), which represent 0.7% of all available addresses, and 62% of bitcoin – in the purses with the remainder above 100 BTC or 0.1% of all bitcoin addresses.

However, over one third of all bitcoins belonging to the whales, are in the wallets, which were not made outgoing transactions, that is, their owners didn’t move a cryptocurrency after its receipt.

Diar said that some of these wallets may be the reserves of the bitcoin exchanges. In particular, 3.8% of total bitcoin value of about $4.2 billion, is the 5th largest purses which are known that they belong to the exchanges.

It is also necessary to consider the possibility of loss of the private keys of the addresses, which are stored on their means was, in fact, blocked. Otherwise, these savings belong to very patient investors, who are extremely confident in the future of bitcoin.

According to the analysis of the company Chainalysis, about a quarter of the bitcoins can be considered lost forever. The experts expect that in the future due to forgetful users, this ratio will only grow.

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