In the research center says that compared to January 2018 in December, the income bitcoin miners decreased by 83%.

In 2018, the miners of bitcoin received from its activities, the revenue of $5.8 billion In January last year, revenues from mining BTC was $1.2 billion, but by December this figure had fallen to $210 million.

In the beginning of last year, the proportion of pools in herate Bitmain bitcoin, including its controlled ViaBTC and was 53%. In early 2019, this figure decreased to 39%. This is probably good for decentralization and reduce the risk of potential “attacks 51%” on bitcoin.

Hasrat network first crypto-currencies peaked in the beginning of the second half of 2018, followed by a significant decline, which lasted until the end of last year.

Some growth Hasrat began in the second week of January after the bitcoin rebounded from yearly low at $3200. In Diar suggest that some miners have included part of the temporarily idle equipment.

On the other hand, the researchers note that mining of bitcoin is still not available for small miners since most of them break-even point is around $5000 per bitcoin.

Overall a good year for exchanges

The report stated that 2018 was marked by exchanges “a record volume of transactions”. At most of the major trading platforms trading volume exceeded 2017. At the same time, in Diar predict that in 2019, the activity rate in the spot market of cryptocurrencies will be lower than in 2017, despite a possible extension of the listing exchanges with new assets.

Trading volume on the largest U.S. the crypto currency exchange Coinbase compared to 2017 in the last year increased by 21%. The growth of trading volume on Kraken and Bitfinex for the period amounted to 192% and 50% respectively.

In addition to the increase in trading volumes on Coinbase recorded increase in the number of transactions scriptactive. The increase for the year amounted to 14.1% (82.7 million transactions in 2017; of 94.4 million commercial operations in 2018).

Tether is not the same

As for tablconv, in this segment there is a rapid growth of coins introduced in 2018. On this background, the share of which occupied the monopoly position of the Tether USD (USDT) for the first time fell below 70%:

Among the “new tablconv” most popular USDC from start-up Circle. Its market share tablconv now is 13%.

Earlier, analysts Skew came to the conclusion that after eight months “new stabilini” will surpass the capitalization of the Tether.