Following the launch of the smart-accounts (Accounts Smart) developers Russian blockchain platform Waves reported the appearance in the test network project new functionality: smart assets (Smart Assets). According to them, this innovation will allow users to apply to the tokens in the scripts and use them to validate the transaction before the confirmation in the blockchain.

As stressed by the project team, one of the key features of the platform Waves is a simple creation of tokens, which, in contrast to token-based Ethereum does not require programming skills. While this new feature serves as an additional processing layer that makes them “incredibly flexible” and easy to handle.

For example, using smart asset tokens can be frozen before the advent of user-selected block, put in the “black” or “white” lists, to appoint a Commission for transactions with them, to establish multipurpose and permit trading only in the pair with a certain asset. The best results users promise when combined with the use of smart assets and smart accounts.

It is expected that new features will be added to the main network Waves after testing and will be useful for tokenization of game elements, the organization of tomenselo and other applications, “limited only by the imagination of the community and entrepreneurs.”

Recall that in October the platform Waves has announced the launch of a new project aimed at the development of video games, and allocated the prize pool of 1 million WAVES (about $1,920 million) to motivate developers to use as the basis for the blockchain Waves.