The developers of EOS from the company announced plans to establish a venture capital Fund, VC EOS with assets of $1 billion is Expected to work with leading venture capital firms worldwide, which in turn will support developers working on applications on the blockchain EOS. The purpose of the new company is thus to help accelerate the development of innovations.

What is EOS VC?

— EOS (@EOS_io) May 17, 2018

In addition, will begin to cooperate with the Polytechnic University of Virginia, investing $3 million in teaching students of computer science Department blockchain technology. These funds will be used to create new courses, pay teachers, and staff of Virginia Tech.

We will remind that three weeks ago, the company LiaAn Chengdu Technology Co (LianAn Tech), a member of the group EOS.CYBEX has identified a critical vulnerability in the architecture of smart contracts EOS. Now the project is powered by Ethereum, and on June 2 is scheduled to launch core network EOS.