The developers of hardware cryptocell best wallet you responded to previously published competitors from the company’s Ledger, the list of vulnerabilities in their products. According to a post on the official blog of Prague, the company of five vulnerabilities four fixed or can’t be used or require a pin – and none of them is critical.


While in best wallet stressed that all staff Ledger described the risks associated with physical access to hackers to crypto at that time, as, according to the survey best wallet and crypto currency exchange Binance, only of 5.93% of respondents believe a physical attack is the most severe threat for their funds, and 66,30% most worry about remote attack.

In addition, best wallet assured that closely monitor the production process, and vulnerabilities refused to give an explanation, adding that he had asked colleagues from Ledger to refrain from disclosure, as this may have implications for the whole industry of microchips.

“The whole episode will teach us a valuable lesson. We let what we already know: no device can be completely protected from hacking, but depending on security models has the tools to neutralize threats. Those who fear physical attacks, use better passwords… For those who are concerned about remote attacks, nothing changes. We will continue to promote the use of passphrases and other strategy, operational security, to keep you reliably protected”, – summed up in best wallet.

We will remind, last week the developers of Opera announced that the owners of iOS devices will soon be able to use Web 3 browser Opera Touch with built-in crypto, earlier launched a version for Android. Opera Touch for iOS will have all the features easy to use Android version and to support decentralized applications on the Ethereum.