The developers launched a month ago cryptocurrencies Beam reported that he had received from representatives of the Litecoin Foundation a proposal for a joint work on implementation of technology MimbleWimble in Litecoin via expansion units. Since one of the goals of the startup team is the development of greater privacy in cryptosphere and promotion of the Protocol Mimblewimble, Beam accepted the offer and began testing oncein-convert LTC into their Mimblewimble version and ago.

It is expected that operations Mimblewimble LTC will be held in complete confidentiality and the results of the joint work on the project will be published under the license of open source in favor of the interests of the crypto community.

Litecoin and Beam Foundation Cooperation Announcement #SovereigntyByDesign #Mimblewimble #Litecoin @SatoshiLite

— @Beamprivacy (@beamprivacy) February 7, 2019

Earlier, Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee (Charlie Lee) said he intends to focus the development of its project on the implementation of confidential transactions. With their help, he hopes to solve relevant to LTC compliance issues of privacy and interoperability.