Developer specializing in cryptocurrency derivatives exchange LedgerX Brian Bishop has published the private key Satoshi Nakamoto to the signal system network of bitcoin.

Satoshi alert key’s signature of sha256(“I am not CSW. Unlike me, he can’t sign with the Bitcoin alert key.”) -> 304402205d9ee1b1697ce3722b92a0931aae10fb76ab07a624d61b27ba5af39e85a1653d0220520ed2e30ed1c89e5c876a4e7e8f9b04a8b43c3a37b55623cae964b3938f779a

— Bryan Bishop (@kanzure) on 15 June 2018

Entry system was originally implemented in version 0.3.10 alert for all network clients on critical vulnerabilities or attacks. The system lasted until November 2016 and has been removed in version 0.13.10.

Previously it was thought that private key to activate the system have only Satoshi Nakamoto, a former Bitcoin Core developer Gavin Andresen and the administrator of the forum Theymos.

Then it became known that this key may have other members of the network. Publishing it for the first time in history, a Bishop was deprived of all key holders the ability to impersonate the Creator of bitcoin.

The last disturbing signal has been implemented in version 0.14.10. He informed the clients that “private key compromised.”

We will remind, earlier the portal ZyCrypto called Gavin Andresen real Satoshi Nakamoto.