One of the top managers of the German exchange operator Deutsche Börse said that the company evaluates whether to offer futures on bitcoin and other crypto-currency products.

In December last year, when the us Cboe and CME have launched a futures exchange, the Deutsche Börse admitted that the exchange group is considering such a possibility. But none of the major European stock exchange did not follow the example of competitors from Chicago.

Speaking at an industry event in London, Director at Deutsche Börse work with clients Jeffrey Tessler (Tessler Jeffrey) said that the company is serious discussion of listing bitcoin derivatives, although there are certain reservations in respect of the new asset class:

“Before we move forward with something like bitcoin, we want to make sure that we understand the underlying transaction, which is not the easiest thing. We are working closely with it.”

Tessler acknowledged that while Deutsche Börse is “on the same stage, and CME,” and pointed out additional problems with the company’s acceptance of cryptocurrency products:

“We want to understand volatility and to ensure that interested customers and to ensure that regulators have come to a consensus”.

Recall that the Deutsche Börse is interested in the development and implementation of solutions based on blockchain technology underlying the cryptocurrency. Previously, the company entered into a strategic partnership with FINTECH company HQLAX to create a blockchain system for lending securities.