German exchange operator Deutsche Börse in the framework of the development Roadmap-2020 has established a division specializing in technology for distributed registry, scriptactive and new market structures. Under the leadership of Jens Hachmeister (Jens Hachmeister), head previously launched in the company blockchain initiatives, consisting of 24 experts team will centrally work on the potential of technology for the benefit of Deutsche Börse on all stages: pre-IPO, listing, trading and clearing, securities settlement, storage, and data analysis.

#DLT & #Blockchain technology will have a profound impact on our industry. In this interview, Jens Hachmeister describes how he and his team will make use of the opportunities for new #market structures & products:

— Deutsche Börse Group (@DeutscheBoerse) September 3, 2018

Thus, according to Hachmeister, the company has an understanding of what the blockchain technology will not necessarily be the solution to all tasks, but the overall economy is moving in the direction of decentralization and it is important to take into account the potential impact of technology on the market infrastructure to attract funding.

“The challenge is that we don’t know where it will lead. Opportunities posed by new technology, look spectacular, and well, if I can contribute to its development for the forward Deutsche Börse Group. My team and I have strong motives to pass this way for Deutsche Börse, and I personally believe that it represents huge potential for our company,” said Hachmeister.

The new team assumes the project structure, two program Manager and leader, under whose supervision will develop various initiatives, including the creation of new market structures, products and expanding existing offerings.

Recall that in the spring Deutsche Börse Group has entered into a strategic partnership with FINTECH company HQLAX for development based on the blockchain system for lending securities. In addition, one of the top managers of the group said that the company evaluates whether to offer futures on bitcoin and other crypto-currency products.