In an interview with the “Economic truth”, the Deputy of Finance of Ukraine Sergey Varlamov expressed the opinion that cryptocurrency transactions should be taxed on incomes of physical persons in the amount of 19.5%.

According to officials, the problem with the taxation of cryptocurrencies are greatly exaggerated, and therefore can be easily solved.

“We all love specific and clear practical solutions. Is there a specific and practical solution to how to fly to Mars? No. It’s hard to describe the law and the world of cryptocurrency. However, the taxation problem is definitely exaggerated. It’s much easier than it might seem at first glance, — says Varlamov. — With cryptocurrencies there are two types of operations: mining and the operation of sale. So, we bought a bitcoin for 1000 UAH. Then, suppose we were lucky and he went up to two thousand hryvnias. We got out of bitcoin and I transferred money to a Bank card. Delta — one thousand hryvnias”

Further, says the Deputy Minister, the resulting difference should be taxed on the income of natural persons in the amount of 19.5%.

Bitcoins are similar to tanks World of tanks

Since bitcoin is not in Ukraine a specific legal status, it can be equated to intangible assets.

“While crypto-currencies have no legal status — it is a common subject of treatment. According to the Civil code of Ukraine is the subject of the intangible world. My favorite comparison is like a tank in World of Tanks. We bought the tank for 100 UAH, rocked it, and sold for two thousand hryvnias. It’s the same story”, — shared his conception of Verlanov.

As an example — Switzerland

As an example of effective taxation of cryptocurrencies, the official cited Switzerland:

“Which way to go Switzerland? She recognized the cryptocurrency movable property for the purposes of Swiss taxation. In their understanding of this property, because it can be sold on the exchange and get the money. In Switzerland there is an official agents for the sale of cryptocurrency”

According to Villanova, Switzerland “whales” pay into the Treasury, since the country failed to adapt to the new conditions:

“Switzerland has adapted its tax rules to transactions with cryptocurrencies. They have a law that if all your movable property — cars, boats — is worth less than 1 million francs, then you do not pay wealth tax, if paid. Similarly, a cryptocurrency — if you own it for more than 1 million francs, then you have to pay 0.3% per year”

He also noted that the Swiss tax office publishes daily courses bitcoin and Ethereum on its website.

There is no legal status, no tax

Sergey Varlamov believes that first and foremost you need to determine the legal status of cryptocurrency in Ukraine. The tax agents should be cryptocurrency exchanges. Bought on the stock exchanges of digital assets, says the official, must be declared, specifying the source of income.

“We have MPs who use electronic filing and outline scriptactive. Some of them declared them under “Property”, someone- in the section “Cash”. Was entitled to both interpretations, since the legal status of cryptocurrencies we have undefined. Without it, go to the taxation and control of the crypto operations is impossible”, — he explained.

Finally, Varlamov expressed the opinion that to regulate kriptonyte should either the national Bank or the national Commission on securities and stock market (NKTSBFR).

We will remind, in July the head of the securities Commission Timur Limp expressed the opinion that cryptocurrencies can be recognized in Ukraine by financial instruments.