Audit firm from Big four firm Deloitte, in cooperation with the company Attest creates a system of digital identification for government agencies.

As noted in the press release, the pilot blockchain projects that Deloitte implements with state institutions, namely digital identification becomes a difficult problem.

“Identity is the basis of virtually any public service, and this is the basis for trust and legitimacy in the public sector,” said co-founder and chief Executive officer Attest Cab Morris (Morris Cab).

Partners intend to create a platform for digital identification for government agencies on the basis of two existing products Attest.

The first of them — Attest Wallet is cryptographically protected data store. It provides users with privacy and security in the exchange of verified personal data with the state authorities and institutions, the statement said Deloitte.

Attest Enterprise, the second product of the company, provides government agencies a complete set of authentication, authorization, and instruments for coordination which can be integrated into any system using two simple API.

According to Cab Morris, “digital identity provided by the government, can reduce costs and risk to business in all sectors and to provide citizens greater security, privacy and control over personal data.”

We will remind, earlier experts of Deloitte came to the conclusion that the introduction of blockchain technology could “revolutionize” retailing and manufacturing consumer goods.