As announced on 19 October publication of TMZ Sports, the famous American boxer Floyd Mayweather and hip-hop artist Dj Khaled sued. The plaintiffs believe that they were involved in fraudulent cryptocurrency project, robbed investors of millions of dollars. The cryptocurrency, which is in the center of the scandal, was released by Centra Tech.

Floyd and Dj Khaled accused that they were engaged in is currency on social networks. Mayweather advised the public to buy the coin and said that really “inspired” by it: “from Now on I’m Floyd “Crypto” Mayweather”. In September 2017, he published a photo in which holds a map of Centra.

For his part, Dj Khaled claimed that the company Centra Tech and its products “are changing the rules of the game” and flaunted in the network map Centra in his hands.

The problem is that, in the opinion of the securities and exchange Commission that issued the coin, the company broke the law by entering investors astray, and information about the project, which its leaders had published on its website were false.

By estimations of law enforcement officers in the course of ICO in 2017 Centra Tech managed to collect $32 million, partly due to support from two celebrities.

The creators of the project were arrested in April. They were charged with the securities fraud, fraud remittances and criminal conspiracy.

Investors want to throw the creators of the project and the two stars in jail, and return their millions, and to receive compensation.

The cost of the token Centra has declined significantly in recent months – in February, it cost about $1 after the arrest of the founders in April, the price fell below $0,02.