, decentralized cryptocurrency exchange from San Diego, announced the successful raising almost $1 million in funding spent on the crowdfunding platform WeFunder.

Altcoin say on its site as the most reliable exchange in the world, noting that users keep the tools at home, and don’t trust them to a third party.

Among other called almost instant trades, lower than the centralized exchanges Commission, as well as friendly user interface.

“We are happy to create a market where you to trade safely and always have full control over their tokens. brings together security, which provides decentralization, with the speed and convenience of centralized sites. We believe that this is the next step in cryptocurrency trading”, — said co-founder and head trader Andrew Gazdecki. was founded in 2017, and the team exchanges have already made several technological breakthroughs, including the first atomic swap between bitcoin and Ethereum. In November of the same year, the developers presented the alpha version of Atomic Swap Wallet.

“A few centralized exchanges making most of the transactions with cryptocurrencies, but their business model endangers assets. The market has significant growth potential, but until we close the security issues, the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is in question. We therefore give all our energy on creating the exchange that will be just as fast and easy to use as the centralized platform, but devoid of the inherent risks,” — said Andrew Gazdecki.

Altcoin was developed using the technology of Plasma created by acne Butterini and Joseph Punom to solve scaling of the Ethereum blockchain. Plasma is a smart contract in Ethereum, which blocked tokens to release them sidechained.

The launch of the beta version of the platform took place on may 19.

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