Blockchain company DECENT based on our own platform DCore has launched a new decentralized app 3IPK for the aviation industry. As the magazine ForkLog representatives of the company, the project automatiseret verification of the certification and airworthiness of the aircraft, and will allow you to track supply chain and maintenance processes.

According to General Director 3IPK Mary Chepovoy, supply chain in the airline industry are often characterized by unfounded length and diversity. Given the complex regulatory processes and potentially risky checks the authenticity of the materials it leads to greater overhead.

“This situation can also cause much time delays and weak traceability, presenting a security risk”, — said the founder and CEO DECENT Matej michalko.

With Smart Dust application 3IPK will provide tracking and authentication of the supply chain in real time.

In addition, 3IPK aviation will offer providers a set of rules, streamlining of payment and settlement of supply chain that will potentially increase the security of such transactions.

The representatives of DECENT hope with the latest version of DCore, capable of processing over 2,000 transactions per second, 3IPK will be able to implement in the aviation industry integrated supply chain management.

We will remind, earlier in September a team of DECENT announced the release of a new version of its blockchain – DCore 1.3.0.

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