Technical Director blockchain project EOSIO Dan Larimer Telegram made the announcement, which will be presented to the community in June, while not sharing any details, which, however, did not affect the sudden interest of the holders of the cryptocurrency.

On Twitter, the company behind the development of EOSIO also published a teaser of a future event, to be held June 1 in Washington. Previously, the creators of the project were not informed about any conferences or events scheduled on this date.


— (@block_one_) March 25, 2019

What the developers are going to announce on this day, unknown. Some assume that plans to rebrand, but others believe that the company is preparing for something more ambitious. She is no hint that would allow to put forward a more reasonable assumption, has not yet been done.

Currently, EOS is the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization at $3.3 billion.

Recently it became known that one of the projects in the ecosystem Tezos tried to poach Larimer in their ranks. Larimer said earlier that participates in the development of third-party cryptocurrency project, which may also be linked to the upcoming announcement, but promised not to stop to oversee the work on EOSIO.

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