Team Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), which includes reputable security company, the report “Threat of illegal mining of cryptocurrencies” reported that this year they were discovered on 459% more cases of illegal mining cryptocoins on computer equipment of the users.

The organization emphasized that the experts of companies-members of the CTA do not see signs of slowing down rapid growth in this direction, despite the overall downturn in the cryptocurrency market.

“Because this threat is relatively new, many people don’t understand it, its potential value and what to do about it”, – the report says the CTA.

Moreover, with the development of technologies that hackers use increasingly sophisticated solutions, using legal means in order to achieve download and run miners on the technique of the users and also make their detection extremely difficult for the antivirus applications or observers. In the future, CTA predict a continuing trend of positive correlation between the price of bitcoin and Monero and activity cryptogamia.

Earlier, analysts of the company Proofpoint found that the botnet Smominru hidden mines Monero with the help of exploit EternalBlue stolen by hackers in the NSA. In addition, the change that is created in this exploit the virus WannaCry launched a new — WannaMine secretly mining cryptocurrency. And recently, experts from the Chinese company Qihoo 360Netlab discovered a botnet Fbot that seeks and destroys other botnet – com.ufo.miner, malicious version of the miner ADB.Miner for mining Monero on Android devices.