Last weekend, unidentified attackers have stolen from a cold wallet blockchain Swiss-company more than 50 million tokens TIO (approximately $8 million at current exchange rates).

According to the head of Jim Preissler (Jim Preissler), cold wallets of the company kept in safety Deposit boxes. As the test cells themselves were not compromised, how criminals were able to access digital tools, is unclear.

According to the team post, on Sunday, the security service noticed a suspicious transaction conducted with the account associated with the cold wallet. Criminals moved about 1.3 million stolen tokens on the trading floor Bancor and Kucoin. Both exchanges blocked the opportunity to work with the cryptocurrency at the request of the

Currently, the team is considering holding a hard forks, after which the stolen tokens will be useless. About the decision of the representatives of the company promised to announce within days.

Cold cryptocurrency wallet to store private keys without a permanent connection to the Internet.

Hardwork – the procedure for making major modifications, radically change the functioning of the network. The updated system is not compatible with the previously used software.