A Twitter user under the nickname Lightning KOala has created an online bar where everybody can draw digital pictures. His project cryptomnesia wanted to demonstrate the capabilities of the network Lightning Network for processing micropayments. This writes TheNextWeb.

Service called Satoshi’s Place offers the users to paint the panel in its sole discretion, paying 1 Satoshi per 1 pixel artboard. Digital canvas consists of one million pixels. For $67,39 can be decorated with drawings all space online.

“I created Satoshi’s Place to explore the use of micropayments in the format of a simple multiplayer game. I just wanted to experiment with Lightning Network”, — said the author of the application.

The maker of Litecoin Charlie Lee called this first app-the killer from the Lightning Network.

Lightning network’s first killer app. ⚡🚀 https://t.co/Hf8llch0ir

— Charlie Lee [LTC⚡] (@SatoshiLite) 11 Jun 2018

We will note, according to the engineer Blockstream Christian Decker, each channel Network Lightning has the potential to process up to 500 transactions per second, and if these channels will be thousands at the same time, network throughput will surpass major bitcoin payment system.

ForkLog previously reported that the blockchain platform Maecenas announced the “world’s first cryptocurrency auction of art”, which will sell a painting by Andy Warhol, “14 little electric chair”.