In the US Major League baseball (MLB) announced plans to launch in late summer of this year, blockchain-Crypto Baseball game MLB based on Ethereum, where users can buy and sell avatars associated with popular moments in the history of the sport.

The company has long considered this idea, was inspired by the successful experience of the project CryptoKitties and decided to implement it in partnership with the games blockchain by company Lucid Sight. The developers of decentralized applications see among its users not only baseball fans, but cryptoendoliths, far from the idea of sports. To roll out the application is planned in several stages, so that the community gradually got used to the concept of the game.

Also in the MLB considered the possibility of accepting payments for their services and products in bitcoin, but decided they were not ready to develop this business direction.

Recall that after collectible “cryptococal and kryptospace” efforts of Chinese company-manufacturer of portable electronic devices and intelligent equipment Xiaomi appeared in the Network “kriptonite” Jiami Tu. Earlier in the network there is a new game CryptoCelebrities where users can buy and sell virtual celebrities for Ethereum.