Despite the refusal of prominent financiers and businessmen to participate in the conference “the Future of the investment initiative” in Saudi Arabia after the brutal murder by Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, leaders of the cryptocurrency sector still intend to go to Riyadh. This is the website BREAKER.

Against the background of an international scandal, many high-ranking officials, financiers and businessmen said the refusal to participate in the summit, which will be held in the Saudi capital Riyadh from 23 to 25 October. In particular, from participation in the event, dubbed “Davos in the desert”, refused Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, IMF chief Christine Lagarde, Director of the JPMorgan Chase Jamie Dimon and the head of Uber Dara Khosrowshahi.

The journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who criticized the government of Saudi Arabia, was allegedly murdered on the premises of the Embassy of this country in Turkey on 2 October. According to Turkish police, he was brutally tortured and then dismembered. Subsequently, the government of Saudi Arabia has recognized the fact of death Khashoggi and apologized to his family.

It is curious that, despite the refusal of many leaders of traditional Finance from participation in the summit, their colleagues from the cryptocurrency sphere do not Express such intentions. So, the head of the British service of crypto-currency wallets, Blockchain’s Peter Smith is still going in Riyadh (not commenting on his decision).

Because of the reluctance of Smith to refuse to participate in the summit online resource called “Stop “the Future of investment initiatives”” by the famous writer and civil rights activist Iyad al-Baghdadi, put Smith and the Blockchain for the “wall of shame”.

The site encourages users of Twitter to publicly condemn Smith and other participants of the conference, which canceled the trip. This campaign was attended by Susan Benes, Director of the Dangerous Speech Project and employee Klein Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard.

She noted in an interview with the BREAKER:

I don’t understand why individuals or companies want to take part in this event or can’t refuse. After so many refused, even Steven Mnuchin, participation would mean support for the Saudi authorities, who two weeks ago allegedly brutally murdered brilliant Saudi journalist.

Note that the list of events for the conference includes two panel discussions: “Digital currencies: how the convergence of money and data changes global Commerce” and “Money: McKinsey & Company at the head”. The theme of the second discussion is defined as “the Growth of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, digital banking and Finance”. Press Secretary McKinsey refuses to comment.

The conference is organized by the crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is considered the de facto ruler of the Kingdom. The Prince is known as a reformer, who plays for technological modernization and liberalization of the law. However, according to Khashoggi killed, behind the mask lurks the desire for personal power and the assault on civil rights.

According to the Turkish police, the murder Khashoggi was involved people from the entourage of the Prince, and himself Ibn Salman at least knew about the plans in the relationship of the journalist, if the person gave the order.

Saudi Arabia tied to bloccano not only through the upcoming conference. In February, the Central Bank of the country signed a cooperation agreement with Ripple. In 2017 the volume of remittances from Saudi Arabia to other countries was equal to $37 billion.

Another major blockchain company, ConsenSys has entered into a partnership with the largest local provider of mobile communications and the Internet Saudi Telecom.