According to the survey, are listed in the overview Savings and Investment Monitor pan-African financial giant Old Mutual, only 40% of South Africans in any degree aware of the cryptocurrency.

71% of this number believes that cryptocurrencies can earn a lot of money, while only 38% would like to invest in them. This cautious attitude may be explained by the fact that 48% find crypto-currencies similar to a pyramid scheme, and 53% did not understand how they function.

It is noteworthy that 19% of all respondents only heard about cryptocurrencies, 17% think they know a bit more about them. Only 4% rate their knowledge of cryptocurrency as deep.

It turns out that only 15% of South Africans see themselves in the future, investors into the cryptocurrency. According to the survey, conducted by Ipsos, the same proportion of Australians willing to invest in scriptactive, and in the US and Europe the figure was much higher — 21% and 25% respectively.

In South Africa, while there is no regulatory framework for the regulation of cryptocurrencies. The South African reserve Bank (SARB) has created a group that is working on this problem. In this case the regulator alert refers to the new asset class, preferring instead the term “cryptocurrency” to use “cyber” tokens because they don’t have money.

Earlier, South Africa has revealed major cryptocurrency pyramid, in which investors lost more than 1 billion Rand (about us $80.4 million).