Tenth by market capitalization of cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) began the transition from Ethereum on their own public blockchain.

The underlying blockchain network Tron called Odyssey 2.0 was officially launched at noon may 31, according to universal time, and is the first step in moving cryptocurrency worth $4 billion, into an independent network.

Next month the network will continue to work in beta, giving developers time to configure purses and browsers, before a move to full operation. Migration of tokens will happen from 21 to 24 June, when users will have to Deposit their ERC20 to support token exchanges that will allow them to receive an equivalent amount of TRX on the new blockchain.

The transition will end on 25 June, and the developers called this date as “independence Day.” On this day, the primary unit goes viral, and finally becomes clear, it will come true if bold prediction that “Tron destroy the Ethereum”.

Founder of Tron Justin San said:

The independence of our Protocol is an important step to advance the project to the next stage of Internet development. We focus on democratization and decentralization.

He also noted:

Our team adheres to high standards and we aim to reach the mainstream public blockchains. Move Protocol Tron on a private blockchain will facilitate separation from Ethereum and will open new opportunities for scaling and commercialization of the project and to develop a global decentralized applications.

Still Tron functioned solely as a token standard ERC20 network Ethereum and steadily gaining market capitalization, despite the absence of the blockchain and the various disputes around the project.

It is noteworthy that the optimism associated with the network launch Tron, did not affect short-term prices. May 30, Tron fell by 5%, taking the worst position in terms of profitability in the first ten coins. At the time of preparation of this material TRX was trading at $0,06.

Recall that the cryptocurrency EOS, collected about $4 billion during the annual ICO, is also preparing to launch its own blockchain in the beginning of June.