The producers of the new action-Thriller “Crypto” said that despite the crime and corruption in the film, the overall message of the film positive. In the new film played by Kurt Russell and Alexis Bledel, reports

“In fact, we do not consider ourselves experts in cryptocurrencies. It’s the writers came up with the theme of the film and delving into the issue. They have really become experts to make the film authentic” — confessed to the producers, Jordan Levine and Jordan Beckerman.

Kurt Russell

The output of “Crypto” is scheduled for next year. It will be a classic crime Thriller about the underground world of cryptocurrency.

“We hope that [cryptocurrencies] will live long. This was one of the reasons we decided to make a film”, — said Jordan Levine.

It is reported that the film will revolves around a young fighter against money laundering, who was given the task to investigate the whole criminal network that is associated with cryptocurrencies.

Note that according to the Director, Bureau of consumer protection at the Federal trade Commission Andrew Smith, in 2018, investors may lose up to $3 billion due to fraud with cryptocurrencies.

It was previously reported that johnny Depp may play the role of Mathew Mellon in the biopic about cryptomelane.