Boston-based cryptocurrency startup Circle has declared its intention to obtain a banking license at the Federal level in the United States. This will allow him to keep assets of clients in bitcoin or in dollars without having to coordinate their activities in each individual state. About it writes Bloomberg.

“Directly contacting with the Central banking system and paying for them with other banks in the global markets, we can increase the efficiency of our service and to reduce costs”, — said the CEO of Circle Jeremy Allar.

Circle also plans to obtain a license of securities Commission and exchange Commission (SEC) as a broker and trading platform. If this happens, a startup will be able to help clients to buy and sell tokens in the United States as securities.

According to the publication, not even a single startup which has started its journey in the uncontrolled world of cryptocurrencies, has not achieved such status from US regulators.

According to representatives of Circle, the company has already held preliminary talks with the Commission for regulation of activities of commercial banks, the SEC and the Agency on regulation of activities of financial institutions.

Recall that in March, shortly after purchasing popular cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex, Circle announced the release of the Asian markets.