Blockchain platform Waves opened payment gateway for cryptocurrency Monero Waves in the app Client. User available I / o, storage and trade scriptaction.

THIS IS HUGE! A #Monero ($XMR) gateway has just been added to the #WavesClientBeta allowing you to deposit, store, trade and withdraw Monero! Make sure your desktop app is up to date, or download the latest version on #Cryptocurrency $WAVES

— Waves Platform (@wavesplatform) 6 Jun 2018

According to the company, users will be able to send XMR to the appropriate address inside Waves Client in exchange for tokens Waves. They will be provided with Monero in a ratio of 1:1, and at any time can be converted back to XMR.

In addition to storage in the “hot” or “cold” wallets Waves, Monero tokens can be displayed on any external wallet and trade them on a decentralized exchange, DEX paired with bitcoins, WAVES or any other token in the ecosystem of the Waves.

We will remind, in October 2017, the client Waves appeared the floodgates for Litecoin and zcash for.