Team exchange ABCC has announced the second phase of issuing their own token AT (ABCC Token). The token can be used to pay for special services on the platform such as Deposit cription, margin trading and daily options on bitcoin.

ABCC was created by entrepreneur and former member of Parliament of Singapore, Calvin Cheng in April 2018. At the moment on the stock exchange are 56 pairs trading and daily turnover reaches $30 million, stock exchange Representatives argue that it holds regular safety audits. In addition, safety is provided by the distributed structure of the platform and two-factor authentication.

“Thanks to the ABCC investors can increase their profits and promising projects based on blockchain to funding, liquidity and become recognisable on the market”, — reads the statement of the project.

The first batch of tokens were put on sale on 9 July to coincide with the launch of the so-called mechanism of trade-to-mine, in which tokens are paid as remuneration for the transaction. With the help of the ToM algorithm was generated 175 000 tokens for 43 750 tokens per block. New units were produced every 6 hours.

The second batch of tokens became available on November 6. In total, the mining process will be released 40% of the tokens, and 10% will be distributed via airdrop. With 80% of daily income platform from Commission transactions are distributed to the holders of the tokens AT bitcoin, ETH and USDT.

On the platform used scarce model of the emission of tokens, similar bitcoin mining model: every 120 days the number of produced tokens is reduced by half. The project team submits that this should ensure the token is at the optimum value and increase its value.

In addition to the above daily bitcoin options, the ABCC team is planning to release a new version of its exchange Pro Version, targeted at experienced traders, as well as a second version of the platform on which it is realized the possibility of placing stop loss orders and stop-limit. In addition, at the end of November, the exchange will present a pilot version of ABCC Wallet.

Earlier, the ABCC issued its token and launched a referral program.