Private cryptocurrency Beam on the basis of the Protocol MimbleWimble became available in the new version decentralized platform Bisq (v0.9.2).

Bisq v0.9.2 is out!

ā€” Reduced fees to maker flat 0.1% šŸš€šŸš€
ā€” Fixed bugs Bisq DAO
ā€” Added implementations Mimblewimble Beam (trade now) and Grin (available when launched on mainnet)


Full release notes:

ā€” Bisq (@bisq_network) 8 January 2019 R.

Bisq, the developers also promised to make available another implementation of the Protocol MimbleWimble called the Grin, once the main network.

Among other changes in the new version of the Bisq can be noted a fixed fee maker in the amount of 0.1%, as well as bug fixes.

Recall that the launch of cryptocurrency Beam was held on 3 January, the day the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Genesis block of bitcoin.