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Airdrop (airdrop) has created a new hype in the cryptocurrency sector. This one-time free distribution of coins. Naturally, such actions cannot fail to arouse keen interest.

In the course of such shares blockchain project gives members of the cryptocurrency community tokens or coins. In most cases, to receive your gift, you need to perform a few simple tasks in social networks. Of course, free distribution of coins in this case — not that other, as a marketing ploy. Examples Andropov in this format serve BandZ Airdrop Airdrop and IP Gold.

Not as common, but well known to other model — hardwork. Upon reaching a certain number of blocks in the blockchain splits into two different chain. If both receive support from the miners and users, there are two different coins. Classic examples of hard forks Bitcoin and Ethereum Cash Classic.

Why the ICO to hand out free tokens?

Most Andropov require you to perform several tasks in Twitter, Telegram and other social networks or messengers. The aim of the organizers of the ICO is to develop our own resources in social networks: so the project is community and promotes its own brand. In 2018, amid a huge flow ICO, people are not so easy to interest a specific project. Free distribution of tokens creates the necessary hype. Using ICO Andropov find the first clients, because each user must have a compatible token wallet. Airdrop allow you to form a community/network owners tokens. Another popular way of distribution of free tokens is the bonus system.

Whether or not to participate in airdrop?

It should be understood that the free coins, as a rule, give novice cryptocurrency projects. Communicating with specific startup, the user risks to a greater or lesser extent. Quite many projects will be ineffective, but can always meet the goose that lays the Golden eggs, a startup that demonstrate outstanding results.

Airdrop has achieved impressive performance. For example, the project Oyster (PRL) had a failed ICO, and November 2017 seeded 2222 token. By mid-December the price of one PRL rose to $5. Thus, 2222 token PRL then worth about $11 000. Even more shocking example — Minereum. The maximum value of tokens of this project distributed during airdrop, amounted to $448 000!

Future Andropov

Although cryptocurrency gradually enters the field of view of traditional media, the concept Andropov still not widely known. Competition among ICO-projects escalates. They need something to attract people. We have already seen, the role airdrop can play in the formation of user community. We can assume that soon they will become one of the market moves. ICO by default.

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