As reported by Russian and world media, the Central theme of the world economic forum (WEF), which will be held from 22 to 25 January 2019 in Davos, Switzerland, is “the interaction of state and individual players in the period of active development of new technologies such as the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and other”. On 5 November, told reporters the President of the forum børge Brende.

Officially, the theme of the WEF-2019 sounds like “Globalization 4.0: building a global architecture in the period of the fourth industrial revolution”.

Brand stressed that such international non-governmental organizations like the WEF, it is very important to ensure global cooperation as the challenges and opportunities that are associated with the fourth industrial revolution, requires a higher degree of interaction. According to him, now there is a lack of global cooperation to confront the challenges and threats in geopolitics, in Economics, ecology and climate change, so it is necessary to form a General framework of interaction between all players.

At the annual meeting in the Swiss mountains will arrive about three thousand businessmen, politicians, economists and journalists. According to the publication Financial Times, this year the organizers of the forum for the first time in 9 years offered to come to Davos with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, however, has not yet made a decision.

Note that last year at the Davos forum has actively discussed the topic of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Interestingly, the head of VTB Andrey Kostin, known to the enemy cryptanalyst, said then that “there is a great future of bitcoin” and called it “fake currency”, but this year he was suspended from participation in the event “under pressure”, according to Financial Times, the United States businessman is in the sanctions list of the Americans.