The Bitcoin Core developers strongly recommended that the node be updated to the latest version 0.16.3 or to a new version BitcoinABC to Bitcoin network of Cash – due to discovered vulnerability CVE-2018-17144 in the main bitcoin client, which could artificially increase the volume of issue of this cryptocurrency.

In a detailed statement of the problem the developers explained today that on September 17 received an anonymous error message denial of service, which was soon classified as an error of inflation in Bitcoin Core version 0.14.0, allowing the miners to carry out an attack on the network, having spent the 12.5 BTC to create suitable for the double transaction of the block. When you try to validate a block with transaction a double-flow vulnerability could disrupt the network. Potentially dangerous to the stability of the network error could be used from November 2016, but such cases are not known.

Bitcoin Core 0.16.3 was released: https://t.co/SsbsJsqSTo
Upgrade recommended due to vulnerability fix

— Bitcoin Core Project (@bitcoincoreorg) September 18, 2018

According to the Bitcoin Core team, more than half of the miners have upgraded to the latest version, however, “it remains critically important that all users have applied the latest patches, thereby eliminating the possibility of major reorganizations, mining invalid blocks or the reception of invalid transactions.”

Recall that in mid-August, Bitcoin Core developer and a member of the MIT Media Lab , Cory fields (Cory Fields) found in the code of Bitcoin Cash is a serious vulnerability that could cause a blockchain split into two incompatible chains and paralyze the transaction.