Senior scientific officer of the company nChain Craig Wright, also known as fake Satoshi Nakamoto, made a resonant statement. Now he claims that he can completely de-anonymize transactions in networks focused on increased privacy of cryptocurrencies and zcash for Monero.

Yes, I can make zcash for Monero and completely traceable…

A means to start monitoring it all and attributing.

And, responsible disclosure is not those teams.

Have a nice life.

— Dr Craig S Wright (@ProfFaustus) March 5, 2019

One Twitter user immediately dubbed it a cryptocurrency Donald trump. The current President of the United States also does not stint loud statements.

You’re literally crypto-Trump.

— Martin Mørch (@atroxes) March 5, 2019

Wright added that he knows how to be completely anonymous cryptocurrency. According to him, this project is no blockchain.

Yes, I know how.

It is not blockchain based

— Dr Craig S Wright (@ProfFaustus) March 5, 2019

Employee nChain and the main supporter of Bitcoin convinced SV that anonymous cryptocurrency are being exploited by criminals, and in many countries their very use — is a crime.

Not my issue, you use an anon coin, coin as a crime, this is all they really are, and you are in many countries already committing a crime.

So, I would rather teach the Feds how to stop this than help a bunch of losers help criminals

— Dr Craig S Wright (@ProfFaustus) March 5, 2019

“I better help the feds to stop it, what a bunch of losers to meet the needs of bandits.”

If you believe Wright, then another anonymous cryptocurrency Bytecoin also vulnerable to its monitoring tools.

@Bytecoin_BCN #Bytecoin #BCN

— (ECA)(BCN)(HOT) (@ali2rm) March 6, 2019

When asked whether he went once on water and turned water into wine, Wright said:

“Yes, such a thing was in Canada, I was there on the ice went. I even tried to make wine, but it was like pee, so I had to quit.”

Yes, in Canada. I walked on the ice.

I also fermented grapes, but my wine was like piss, so I stopped trying

— Dr Craig S Wright (@ProfFaustus) March 5, 2019

He did not forget to call one of the supporters of bitcoin “uneducated idiot”.

No, you’re the uneducated idiot scraping crap out of the bottom of fryers in the future.

BTC will never be the gold of the future. It’s not even bitcoin.

— Dr Craig S Wright (@ProfFaustus) March 5, 2019

“BTC will never be gold in the future. It’s not even a bitcoin”.

Previously, Wright once again proclaimed himself Satoshi Nakamoto in a letter to CFTC, answering questions about the technology of Ethereum.

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