The Supreme people’s court of China today ruled that the Internet-the courts of the country, which appeared last year and is designed to adjudicate cases concerning copyright infringement on the Internet fraud in online trading, etc., can take in to consideration is recorded on the blockchain evidence. This item is included in the list of the new rules in relation to the activities of the Internet courts and shall come into force from the date of adoption.

“The Internet-the courts will accept the figures presented as evidence in the case that the parties concerned have collected and stored on the blockchain with digital signatures, secure timestamps, the hash verification or the platform for making digital information and can confirm the authenticity of the used technologies”, – stated in the decision of the Supreme people’s court of China.

Today the country has one Internet-a court in Hangzhou, plans to open two more in Beijing and Guangzhou.

However, in the urban district of Zhongshan blockchain technology will now be used for the registration of paroled citizens, who come to special centers for the execution of public works. The Ministry of justice of the County decided that they launched a blockchain platform will provide ample opportunity to control the clock for such citizens and to prevent violations of public order, without increasing the burden on staff.

Recall that in the spring the idea of using the blockchain to streamline data storage it is the State audit office people’s Republic of China. Research and development in this field find support from local authorities and Central government and head of state.