The Department of financial services of the state of new York (NYDFS) issued a so-called bilicenii company Robinhood, which is the operator of the eponymous app for trading cryptocurrencies and operator of bitcoin ATMs LibertyX. Both companies thus received official authorization to conduct activities associated with cryptocurrencies, in the state of new York.

Robinhood Crypto. New York. Soon.

We just received our Regulations and money transmitter license for NY. Expect us to roll out crypto there over the coming months.https://t.co/mkltwqt182 pic.twitter.com/iytfhtoNTd

— Robinhood (@RobinhoodApp) January 24, 2019

So, Robinhood will be able to start trading in BTC, ETH, BCH and LTC, as well as to support remittances. LibertyX and will give residents of the state the ability to buy bitcoins with debit card payments through traditional ATMs.

With these companies on the NYDFS today issued Regulations 16 companies. We will remind that earlier it was issued to services Square, Haro, Coinsource, Genesis Global Trading, Coinbase and others.