The European patent office (EPO) granted three patents are closely related to Cash Bitcoin blockchain startup nChain on the invention of new methods of digital rights protection using the technology of the distributed registry.

New patents have been granted nChain following the approval of ERO received 11 April (the registration method and automatic control of smart contacts on the basis of the blockchain) and 20 June 2018 (for the technology deterministic key generation with the aim of improving digital security).

nChain receives 3 more patent grants from the European Patent Office for inventions digital rights management on #blockchain. We’re also now gearing up to implement our innovations to help #BitcoinCash #BCH. #DRM #tech

— nChain (@nChainGlobal) 11 Jul 2018

The first patent (EP3295349) called “Method and system of verifying integrity of a digital asset by using a distributed hash tables and peer-to-peer distributed registry”.

As stated in the description of the patent, the metadata associated with the transactional Bitcoin Cash will be stored in peer-to-peer distributed Ledger. The authenticity of the transaction records stored in a distributed hash table (DHT), will be derived from this metadata.

Asset integrity is achieved by matching the characteristics of a digital asset with the characteristics of DHT and signature transactions. The method further includes determining a third value of a hash function based on software computer and determining a fourth hash value from a record in the hash table. Checking the integrity of software is achieved through the comparison of these two values.

The other two patents (EP3295362 and EP3295350) have virtually the same title: “Method and system for verifying integrity of a digital asset by using a distributed hash tables and peer-to-peer distributed registry”.

It is noteworthy that the first of these repeats the above mentioned patent EP3295349 and, as they say, is based on its technology. It is expected that this decision will allow to introduce an additional set of cryptographic operations to confirm the current ownership rights in a particular digital asset.

The third patent is a logical extension of the technologies described in the second patent (EP3295362), and allows the software to check user rights on the implementation of the respective software operations to launch.

ForkLog previously reported that the company nChain received a patent for “invention in the field of digital security.” However, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin said that described in the patent technique of deterministic key generation copies the model made in 2013 deterministic wallets on the basis of the public key.

Note, previously a senior researcher nChain Craig Wright said he is the Creator of bitcoin, however, to confirm this and could not.