Today it became known that the company is Limited by Tether destroyed licenzirovanie 500 million U.S. dollars USDT. Details of the relevant transaction available on the link.

Tether has just destroyed USDt 500M from the Tether treasury wallet with the following tx:
For more information see the announcement here:

β€” Tether (@Tether_to) October 24, 2018

The official statement reads that Tether treasury remained approximately 466 million USDT, which will be used for future emissions. The company stressed that the process of destruction and production of new tokens is clearly spelled out in the whitepaper.

Some social media users expressed the view that it is generally good for the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies:

Tether just redeemed/burned another $500,000,000.

This is good for the ecosystem. Having 1 stablecoin with so much gray area surrounding it be so dominant among UAD pegged-tokens is unhealthy.

The Slow decline of USDT + competition without the FUD is healthy.

β€” Brad Mills (@bradmillscan) October 24, 2018

More stable coins = less tether

β€” β‚Ώullish Dipper πŸš€πŸš€ (@crypto_dipper) October 24, 2018

“More tablconv β€” less Tether”

The user Jordan was upset that he didn’t get a of this amount, at least 5 million USDT:

Damn you could have burned 495M and transfer 5M to me ☹

β€” Jordan (@Jordan80739220) October 24, 2018

Earlier it became known that on the background of the emergence of new tablconv capitalization Tether is gradually reduced.

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